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Taking your workplace culture to the next level

We help teams adapt to new ways of working, successfully overcoming the new challenges facing their companies

We believe that people make companies, and that the way people work, collaborate, lead and learn has the single greatest impact on a company's results. People have the power to transform companies.

We transform mindsets and workplace culture, helping companies as they adapt to new ways of working.

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What do we offer?

Why UtopicSchool?

Success stories

Unibail - Growing Days

Experiencia de aprendizaje para todas las personas que integran la compañía con el objetivo de desarrollar las competencias claves para afrontar la incertidumbre en un sector tradicional que afronta grandes cambios.

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Endesa - Elevate Your Communication

Learning experience in Storytelling and high impact communication. We helped management teams (150+) to communicate the strategic plan with eloquence, effectiveness and creativity to motivate their teams. 

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Indra - Elevaye Your Creativity

An experience where 200 employees were trained with more than 10 techniques of idea development and communication to be able to use creativity as a strategic innovation even in moments of mental saturation and increase the flow of ideas within the teams

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Companies that trust in us

We have been exploring ways of working for more than 10 years, and it shows in the satisfaction of those who trust Utopicus.



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