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Celebrate your meetings in an inspiring space, renting our rooms by the hour in the city center.

Utopicus meeting rooms have all the amenities you need to make your professional meetings a success. Inspiring design, functional furniture and the best audiovisual equipment so that you only have to worry about what is really important.

You can rent our rooms by the hour in the best locations in the city, depending on your specific needs and with total comfort and confidence. Rent the best room for your meetings with Utopicus.

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Barcelona Madrid
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4-8 9-12 15-30 +50
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Meeting Point Meeting Point Premium

Utopicus Príncipe de Vergara

C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 112. 28002 Madrid

Utopicus Plaça Catalunya

C/ Ronda Sant Pere, 16. 08010 Barcelona

Utopicus Glòries

Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 150. 08018 Barcelona.

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