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Boletín Salud

As we do every week, we would like to tell you about the new developments in the measures we are analyzing and/or already implementing within our Utopicus spaces. This program is framed in the PURPOSE of turning our spaces into the healthiest and most hygienic workplaces, complying with the highest standards of SAFETY and HEALTH.

Welcome signage  Utopicus Salud 2


A Healthy Welcome will be placed at the main entrances of Utopicus, which will be signposted and will contain the following indications before entering the space:


  • Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel
  • Use masks, if you don't have them, ask at front desk
  • We recommend wearing gloves
  • Maintain the 2-meter safety distance between people throughout the space
  • If you think you have the following symptoms, please inform us as soon as possible: Fever, difficulty in breathing, cough


In various locations throughout the space you will also have identified Healthy spots with hydroalcoholic gel, tissues and wastebaskets with lid and pedal.

Reception Recepción



The protective screens are already installed and the waiting marks on for the floor have been ordered from suppliers to establish a minimum safety distance.

Meeting rooms Salas


In the meeting rooms, in addition to the reduction in capacity, protocols for disinfectant products have been increased for the use of remote controls and screens. There will also be pedal-operated bins to facilitate proper separate waste management

Cleaning Limpieza 


Specific cleaning protocols for chairs and armchairs upholstered with textile materials are being incorporated in coordination with our usual furniture suppliers. The cleaning staff that will be providing service more frequently and will maintain a prudent safety distance from the users of the space. On the other hand, since it is not advisable to use hand dryers in the bathrooms, they will be disabled by prioritizing the use of individual wipes.

Elevator Ascensor


A kit of disinfectant gel and tissues is installed in all lifts. The cleaning of the buttons and support elements inside the lift several times a day is included in the protocol. In some lifts, contact less use by card or mobile phone is being considered. The signage has already been ordered with the capacity and the recommendation of the use of stairs.

Coffee Café


In some spaces there are already disposable cardboard cups and wooden sticks, and in the rest, in the next few days they will be available in the rest of the spaces. The dishes, scourers and soap have been removed, and in case you need to clean tuppers and personal cutlery, the cycles of the dishwashers have been changed so that they work by default at a higher temperature, 80 degrees. To ensure that water fountains and coffee machines, which are sensitive points, can continue to be used, specific cleaning protocols have been established for these appliances according to each supplier's instructions. We are evaluating options for individual use of the other services (milk, dressings such as oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, others).

Air conditioning climatización


In addition, further zoning of the space areas is being analyzed to improve air conditioning and ventilation.


Finally, we remind you of the preventive processes that have already been implemented: 


  • We offer maximum air quality, revision and filter changes thanks to the fact that most of our buildings have Leed Gold, Leed Platinum and Breeam Good certifications that guarantee these standards.
  • In addition to having gloves, and disinfectant gels, we have already ordered masks. Although it is not a mandatory guideline from health authorities according to our type of activity, we chose to provide KN95 FFP2 masks, one of the safest options, which will be available at the Utopicus spaces in Madrid and Barcelona by the end of this month.
  • We have taken additional measures in the maintenance and daily cleaning of the space, as well as new security protocols in the reception of correspondence and parcels, which include measures such as disinfection and quarantine of the product, according to the type of packaging (cardboard, plastic ..)
  • New measures in the management of personal hygiene material waste (masks, latex gloves, etc.)
  • We limit the mobility of club and flex memberships between the different Utopicus spaces (Utopicus Passport). Please choose your favourite Utopicus and avoid unnecessary journeys.
  • We recommend that you keep a safe distance of two meters in the common areas of the space and avoid sharing office supplies or equipment.
  • We have reduced the capacity of the meeting rooms by half (for example, if the capacity is 6 people, it is reduced to 3), to maintain a proper distance and avoid risks.
  • External visits will be restricted to meeting rooms near the reception of the space. In this case, the rest of the floors cannot be used.
  • We have removed the kitchenware from the space, so we take this opportunity to remind you that if you are going to need it, bring your own utensils.
  • All paper has been removed from the spaces, such as brochures, magazines and other similar items.



Every week, we will report on the progress we make. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at comunicacion@utopicus.es.

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