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Our rates

Rates so flexible that they fit all types of companies, from size S to size IBEX.

Utopicus for corporate

The membership that moves with you. A card that gives you access to our 14 locations and allows you to relocate your employees, reduce risks and bring them to the most well connected offices in the city, since we are located in the Prime Zones.

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Your office is here, there or over there, for it is always with you. Whether in Madrid or Barcelona, in any of our locations you will have your own office with total coverage and privacy. Choose the size of your office. All services are included.

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A particular space, a floor or a whole building just for your company with its own brand identity. All services included, access at street level, multipurpose rooms and, most importantly, adaptable to the evolution of each company.

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We discuss and study your case and design an office according to your objectives. We start from scratch to offer you everything you need, in Madrid or Barcelona and in any area you want, as you can choose from more than 60 high quality buildings in Colonial.

More flexible, more personalised, more Utopicus.

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Flexible rates
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Maximum privacy in a flexible and exclusive workspace for you and your team. A Fully furnished office, meeting room hours and cleaning service included.

Access 24/7

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Coworking FIX
From 300€/MONTH pp

Gain productivity and agility in a workstation for yourself or arranged for your team. It includes a fixed area in a shared space, access to meeting rooms and all the flexibility to adapt to the reality of each moment.

24/7 access

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Coworking FLEX
From 175€/MONTH pp

Your workspace in a shared area surrounded by an atmosphere of productivity and comfort. Plus, you can move freely around all Utopicus spaces.

No time limit. Access from M-F from 9:00 to 19:00 h.

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Coworking & CLUB
From 120€/MONTH pp

The perfect place to work and think flexibly. If every day you need a few hours of quality time away from home to concentrate on what you're doing or to talk to interesting people, this is the right choice.

80 hours a month. Access from 9:00 to 19:00 h.

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Workpass and meeting/event rooms

When working remotely, it is essential to be productive. With this flexible work rate you will be able to concentrate and make better use of your time, as you can use any of our spaces 10 days over 3 months.

Access from M-F from 9:00 to 19:00 h.

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The best match for working remotely.

Team meetings are still important. That's why we offer you hours of fully equipped meeting rooms to supervise any project or typical status sessions, giving your team that something extra that a screen cannot give you.

From 10 hours to 120€ 

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The most productive meetings in our most exclusive rooms.

Meet with your clients, suppliers or team in spacious meeting rooms. With this rate we offer you different and unconventional design rooms that will surprise your visit, equipped with the latest technology so that you don't have to worry about anything but your meeting.

From 10 hours to 200€

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They adapt to everything you may need, events, training or simply to work.

Whether you want to organize an event, provide training or simply have a quiet place to work, these multidisciplinary spaces have everything you need to transform them into whatever you want.

Full day from 200 euros for 8 pax

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Our prices offer you


The ways of working are in constant evolution, so we offer flexible rates and formats to every situation, organization or need.

High Quality
High Quality

The healthiest and most hygienic spaces to work with the highest health and safety standards


All-inclusive format: furniture, cleaning, WiFi, meeting rooms, technical support... We adapt to everything your company needs.


Exclusive offices with the latest technology that guarantee maximum privacy.

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