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Support staff

Concierge and hosting service

If you are hosting an event at Utopicus outside of regular business hours, or you simply need support staff for your event, Utopicus can offer you a concierge and hosting service who will be on hand to help you when all your guests arrive.​

Our suppliers in Madrid and Barcelona are professional companies who offer a wide variety of services (auxiliary services, janitorial services, reception, access control, production, etc.) and work to a range of schedules with excellent staff availability.

​This service is available during and outside of regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00).​


Support Staff (Monday-Friday)

€22/HOUR + VAT

Support Staff (Saturdays, public holidays and evening events)

€30/HOUR + VAT

Meeting Rooms
30% discount in use of Basic meeting rooms
15% discount in use of premium meeting rooms
15% discount in use of training and event rooms
10% discount in individual lockers and storage modules
10% discount in employee training and wellness programs
Fiscal, social and commercial address of your company
24/7 check-in
Access control and security
Internet connection
4G signal and coverage
Supplies: electricity, water, air conditioning, cleaning
Reception of parcels and correspondence
Company digital directory
Ergonomic work furniture
Purified water, coffee and tea
Use of common spaces
Attendance at community events
Utopicus Passport: Access to Utopicus Spaces
Possibility of installing equipment in dedicated rack
Possibility of office customization (company logo)
Possibility of parking spaces
Support Staff (Monday-Friday)

€22/HOUR + VAT
Support Staff (Saturdays, public holidays and evening events)

€30/HOUR + VAT



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