Utopicus Referral Program

You are our best ambassador

When someone recommends something they do it from the heart and from experience. In Utopicus we consider you to be our best spokesperson.There is no one better than you to share insights on our spaces, the services we offer, their functionality and the community.

Through this program we want to encourage recommendations and also to reward them with different incentives in the form of Amazon.es Gift Cards.

Think of friends, acquaintances, colleagues, professionals or companies in your network who are looking for a flexible, unique and inspiring workspace and who might be interested in becoming part of our community. If you help us find them, they will receive a 20% discount on the first month of the contract and you can get different prizes.

If you are agent, please contact Utopicus at  comunicacion@utopicus.es, as the Referral Program process is different. We will be happy to explain it to you!



1 Workstation

 Amazon.es Gift Card valued at €50.


2-3 Workstations

Amazon.es Gift Card valued at €200.


4-10 Workstations

Amazon.es Gift Card valued at €600.


+11 Workstations

Amazon.es Gift Card valued at €1500.

Invite a friend!

With the Utopicus Referral Program both you and they win.

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