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Additional services

Meeting room pass

Hourly passes for meetings with your clients, service providers and team.

Use your hourly pass to book our designer meeting rooms – fully equipped, state-of-the-art spaces in prime city locations.


Reserve your space

Most of our buildings located in the PRIME areas of Madrid and Barcelona have parking facilities.

Connectivity options

With double internet access

We offer securized racking. Installation of our own servers and Internet lines.

Locker rental

Choose the size that suits you best

Small, medium, large and storage size to keep what you want.

Utopicus Passport

Come and work from one of our 13 locations

With your Utopicus Passport, you can move around whenever you like and work from any of our 13 locations across Madrid and Barcelona as part of the Flex option, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00.

Address for tax purposes

Tax, Commercial or Social

Use one of our PRIME locations in Madrid or Barcelona as your address for tax purposes.

Call Handling

your call centre in Utopicus

We offer you an exclusive fixed line for your company and the personalized management of your calls.

Courier service

Send mail and packages

As well as collecting, storing and notifying you of any mail received in your name, we also offer you the possibility of sending domestic, international and urgent mail and packages from your space.

Personal assistant

Secretary service

We help you manage your general day-to-day, such as organising your schedule, logging invoices, carrying out various personal assistant tasks and hand-delivering mail direct to your desk.

Technical support

Online management platform

We have an online technical support service for managing incidents related to your workspace and for computer equipment.

Support staff

Concierge and hosting service

If you are planning to host an event in your workspace and you need support staff on hand to help, we offer a concierge and hosting service to oversee the arrival of your guests at the event, to take charge of the meet and greet and offer an overall guide/support service during the event.

Additional cleaning

For your private office or event

On top of our standard cleaning service, we offer an additional cleaning service for your workspace or event in our meeting rooms and auditoriums.

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